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Completed Projects

Trending Momentum Strategy for US Commodity Market

This is our first proprietary product for which we have received an exposure of about USD 1.5 mn. The strategy is deployed to make returns from volatility driven by trending momentum strategy on commodity prices.

Trend / Momentum Strategy Live on NSE Futures, NSE Currencies

Manging funds of Indian investors (retailers and broker) on a trend / momemtum based strategy developed in house with 100 % automated execution on Interactive Brokers, Omnesys. Portfolio consists of NIFTY 50 based Stock Futures, currencies futures and Index. Its a long / short strategy with 4 years of back testing and live for more than 2 years.

Custom back test application with tool box

Designed a custom tool box from which a trader can select "n" number of technical indcaotrs, can set any custom parameters like time frame, period to be applicable on indicators, can create "n" number of custom conditions for entry and exit, can set stop loss and target. With all such flexibility trader can back test single instrument or entire portfolio using our back test application. Back test application can be extended to create any custom conditions without writing a single line of code. Back test application can generate trade reports with P/L and can be extended to create any custom graphs.

Trading application for Risk management

An automatic trading application to centrally manage the risk by hedging the positions taken by the traders.

Breakout Strategy

Automated trading application to exploit the returns of a breakout in a stock.

Technicals based strategy

Strategy to capture the returns based on short-term mispricing in the stocks identified using a mix of technical indicators.

Pair Divergence strategy

Identify stock pairs based on multiple period divergences. Rank each pair and trade stocks by checking availability of total deployment money.

OnGoing Projects:

Generic desktop based platform for back testing

Integrated 50 technical indicators, users can create custom rules for buy and sell, can create "n" number of strategies, can upload historical data and back test one 1 or basket of strategies against 1 or basket of stocks (portfolio level). Look to integrate more technical indicators and connect to brokers like Interactive Brokers, Omnesys API, Sterling traders, FXCM, Trading Technologies and more. Applicable to back test Equities, Futures, Forex, Commodities.

Research / Back test on Swing based strategy for Intraday NSE Future markets

Intraday strategy by identifying direction and trade based on swing movements with trailing stop loss. Research includes calculating volatility for a stock, download history data, develop back testing app.

Generic solution to download historical data from Ineractive brokers.

Desktop based platform for Windows, Linux and MAC machines to download historical data for Equities, Futures, Forex for any time frame back upto 5 - 7 years of history data from Interactove Brokers API.
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